1. Organisation of “Business to Business” and “Business to Government” sessions and meetings, research and support.
  2. Advisory in the creation and establishment of companies in Switzerland.
  3. E-Commerce: getting started on large online-platforms (e.g. Amazon).
  4. Recruitment facilitation and selection of candidates.
  5. Market research and analysis.
  6. Marketing and positioning strategy.
  7. External communication strategy and public relations.
  8. Moderation of conferences on a theme (public relations or for specialised sectors).
  9. Monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes and public policies.
  10. Swiss regulatory monitoring.
  11. European Union (EU) regulatory monitoring.
  12. Oral speeches on panels and conferences.
  13. Keynote and punctual speeches.
  14. Articles writing for public relations.
  15. Speech writing in French, English and German.


Ph. D. in Management


Geneva – Switzerland