Armenia: Discover the Opportunities

Thursday, 12 April 2018 17:00 –19:00

Member of the Eurasian Economic Union, signatory to the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with
the European Union, historic and privileged partner of the Middle and Near East countries, Armenia is located in a
unique geo-economic position, on the crossroads of the North-South and East-West relations. The country has
successfully accomplished its transition to market economy and offers ease of doing business, high level of economic,
political and human liberties, as well as security and a quality-of-life/cost ratio that is unprecedented in the region.

Everyone can find something in Armenia – be it an asset manager looking for lucrative bank deposit rates in a stable and
predictable financial system; a high-tech company in search of bright minds to outsource its processes and products for
the best cost, taking full advantage of the enormous customs-free market of the Eurasian Economic Union; a
winemaker, who wouldn’t mind having the “oldest wine-making nation” label on his bottle; or a travel agency looking
for an uncharted destination comfortable hotels, ancient sites and a magnificent cuisine…

Come and meet the women and man who are transforming this young and dynamic Republic !

17:00 | Opening remarks
Mr. Vincent Subilia, Deputy Director General, CCIG
Mr. Arsen Ghazaryan, President, Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia

17:10 | Why Armenia?
Mr. Tigran Davtyan, Permanent Representative of Armenia to the WTO
Mr. Hayk Hovhannisyan, Trade Representative of Armenia to Switzerland
Download – Armenia: Great Country, Smart Opportunities (by KPMG)

17:20 | The Financial System of Armenia
Mrs. Ligia Ghazaryan, Head of Financial System Development Division, Central Bank of Armenia

17:30 | The IT sector: facts, opportunities and the future
Dr. Vahan Chakarian, Founder and CEO, Technology and Science Dynamics
Download – Armenia: Outsourcing Destination Guide (by the German Outsourcing Association)

17:40 | KGAL’s path to investments in renewable energy in Armenia
Dr. Klaus Wolf, Chief Investment Officer, KGAL Investment Management

17:50 | Discover Armenia: your next travel destination
Mrs. Zarmine Zeitountsian, President, State Committee of Tourism of Armenia
Video – Feel Armenia

18:00 | Armenia’s Free Economic Zones
Mrs. Nika Manukova, Regional Manager, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Iran, World Free Zones Organisation
Mr. Ashot Zarbabyan, Director, “Meghri” Free Economic Zone
Video – “MERIDIAN” jewellery FEZ

18:10 | The Jewellery sector
Mr. Vartkess Knadjian, CEO, Backes & Strauss; Founding Member, Armenian Jewellers Association

18:15 | Beverage Industry
Mr. Sergey Torosyan, Development Manager, “Gyumri Beer” and “Sevan Water”

18:20 | Winemaking and Ecotourism
Mr. Vicken Bayramian, Founding Partner, Field Solutions
Video – “ArmAs Wine” winery

18:25 | Signing of an MoU between the CCIG and the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia
Networking, tasting of Armenian wine and delicacies

19:00 | End of the event

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