The Inaugural Event of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Armenia, held in Zurich on June 28, 2017 including representatives from highest diplomatic levels, emphasized the excellent potential for expansion of commerce between the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Armenia.

The Inaugural Event offered important insights into prominent Armenian economic sectors represented at the event, and facilitated also the presence of and participation by various Swiss industry and services representatives.

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Why invest in Armenia?

Companies considering expansion of operations abroad (especially Europe, CIS, Eurasian Economic Union, and Iran) can substantially reduce costs while ensuring highest quality standards by locating production facilities in Armenia. This is possible thanks to Armenia’s skilled workforce, tariff free or limited tariff international trade agreements, low tax rates (ranked 17th place out of 227 countries), the low cost of operating a business, high living standards, and the favorable business environment.

The purpose of the Chamber is the mutual promotion of commerce and business relations between both countries.
To fulfill this purpose, the Chamber maintains continuous contact with Armenian and Swiss authorities, economic associations and companies, educational and research institutes, banking institutions, business people and manufacturers, as well as with other related formal and informal institutions.

It organizes promotional events and provides mediation as well as negotiation services to its members when appropriate; gives advice on economic and commercial relations, and issues publications.

The Chamber does not engage in commercial activities, but may advertise commercial goods or services.